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My parents’ passion for food inspired my interest in cooking at a very early age. Mum, with her home economics teaching, imparted her skills of pastry and general home cooking, involving me from almost as soon as I could stand on a chair at the table and get stuck in!
Whilst completing GCSE’s and then A-Levels the first job I could get in a UK commercial kitchen was washing up. By showing interest and initiative I progressed through other areas of the kitchen starting with simple cooking tasks, then taking a full-time role as chef when I was 18. Since then I have worked in large scale hotels, small restaurants, pubs, golf courses and then restaurants with Michelin stars.
In my later career I found myself changing, with more interest in how a catering business operates, its staffing and the importance of the financial operation.
I have taken on large projects including:
The reopening of The University Arms, a large luxury 192 bed hotel including ‘Parker’s Tavern’ the hotel’s restaurant and events space.
The rebranding of The Willow Tree, Bourn Cambridgeshire, a boutique dining experience with domes.
Working with City Pub Group to fix operational sites throughout their group ranging from large scale pubs to hotel operations.
The Elm Abbots Ripton, running and starting a new business after a closure and refurbishment. I implemented new working practices and a new approach to catering post Covid. Staffing structures and payments, financial operation working towards closing the issues that continually plight the operations of a catering business
In 2019 I joined forces with Suzanne Weekes when we started our consultancy business. Our combined experience, plus industry associates we work with, covers all sectors of the hospitality industry at all levels. This means we can offer solutions for many issues found in any hospitality operation, as well as help to create new and dynamic operations for the new era.



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What People Say


Suzanne Weekes hatcs

Liam is a solution driven person who adds invaluable insights to our clients businesses. His clear thinking and ability to communicate at all levels has generated respect across the sector.

Shaina Galvin The Willow Tree

Liam brings a rare combination of talents to the table, combining kitchen/chef knowledge & skills, front of house expertise and business accumen. He’s able to work closely and collaboratively with clients to create a bespoke solution and map a positive structured path through any hospitality challenge, whether it’s improvement, growth or development.

Edward Barker Regional executive chef East Anglia

I used Liam on a number of venues for practical and digital support. He achieved all goals we needed and helps take it that extra mile. A very versatile chap, easy to work with and would certainly recommend.