Overall review of your site and operation
Compilation of site inspection with recommendations of improvements
Keeping the business and staff on track for legal compliance
Fire regulations for the property assessed
Forecasts of revenue, looking at in goings and out goings
hotel bedding, laundry, micros order platforms


Risk assessment for site and procedures
Contracts for employees and reviews
Accounts, tax and financial reviews
Online portals and hands on training given


Fonts, layout, design, pricing and legal content
All products pricing structures and returns of net profit
Who to use and how, terms of payment from food to utility
Manufacture and CAD
Front, back or management personal training packages
Templates, reporting and paperwork all covered


Reviews and consultation on employment issues
How to advertise for staff, help to obtain them too
Including target audience, website and social media, Instagram etc.
Set up the system for you with supplemented documents